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Materials Policy

       Conflict Minerals Policy 


MSDS Documents

       4401TL Adhesive


Product Spec. Sheets

        AH-1 Air Pneumatic Hammer
       Butyl Rubber and Hot Melt Glue
       Decorative Trim and Trim-Seal
       Drip Rail
       Edge Guard
       Edge Trim
       Fire Retardant Trim
       Flap Seal
       Hatch Seal
       Lip Guard
       Locking Gasket
       Locking Key
       Rubber Edge Trim
       Rubber Seal
       Sewable Upholstery Trim
       Snap In Seal


Product Supporting Testing Data

  UL Component Recognized Product
       Co Extruded Trim Seal FMVSS302 UL94HB
       Co-Extruded Trim Seal FAA/FAR 23.853(a) HB
       Edge Trim FAA/FAR 23.853(a) HB-Black
       Edge Trim FAA/FAR 23.853(a) HB-White
       Edge Trim FAA/FAR 25.853(a) HB-VY0117
       Edge Trim FAA/FAR 25.853(a) VB-VY0117
       Edge Trim FMVSS302 UL94HB
       Fire Retardant Trim NFPA 1971
       Fire Retardant Trim UL94HB
       Locking Gasket FMVSS302
       Rubber Edge Trim FMVSS302
       Rubber Seal FMVSS302 UL94HB
       Trim Seal FAA/FAR 23.853(a) HB
       Trim Seal FMVSS302 UL94HB


ROHS Certificate of Compliance

       Co-Extruded Trim Seal
       Decorative Trim, Edge Trim, Trim Seal, Upholstery Trim, Hatch Seal, and Flap Seal
       Drip Rail, Edge Guard, Lip Guard, and Fender Flare Trim
       Locking Gasket
       Rubber Edge Trim
       Rubber Seal